The end of an era: NTHUSIM will be closing.

Dear Simulation Enthusiasts. When NTHUSIM first came onto the scene in 2009, there was nothing like it. We were all searching for something better, something that immersed you in the simulator. At the time, home flight simulators would use a projector on a wall. It just wasn’t real. Virtual Reality was then still a pipe dream.

Today, Virtual Reality is everywhere and what can be done for home simulators is better than we could have imagined back then. This is an exciting time to be alive.

In 2016, PLEXSYS Interface Products acquired NTHUSIM as part of a larger merger. In the restructuring, NTHUSIM will close.

A special thank you to Brad Hawthorne, whose passion is clear to all who know him.

Although NTHUSIM product is no longer available for sale, as a good faith measure, we will provide limited support for existing users through April 2018

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