Updating DirectX

IMPORTANT! You must update DirectX, particularly if you are running Windows XP. On XP it will install the latest DirectX 9 components, even if it looks like the installer for DirectX 11. If you do not do this, D3D9X_42.DLL will not be installed on your system.

The NTHUSIM installer takes you to the DirectX website (http://www.microsoft.com/directx), but then what?

This page shows you how to navigate the Microsoft site to find the files you need.

Click on Latest DirectX Downloads for Gamers

Click on "Latest DirectX Downloads for Gamers"

Click DirectX End-User Runtime Update

Click "DirectX End-user Runtime update"

Click the download button

Click the "Download" button.

This will download the installer, which in turn will download the necessary components.

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