Nat's 737 Th2Go Set-up Version1

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Intel Q9550 Matrox Th2Go Digital NVidia GTX280

Late 2009 I took the plunge and bought a Matrox TH2Go, Nthusim Plus Software and two more projectors.

Here's some more picstures and and brief explanation...

I made four timber stands from 3"x"2 pine, secured them to a heavy timber base with steel brackets(six stands would be better).

Then I screwed 3 sheets of 3mm MDF to the stands (2.4mX1.5m each)
This stuffs really likes to bend, so i just positioned stands to form a nice curve of about 2.5m radius.





A shot of the projectors...

Initially i tried to "plaster" the joins, but they were still noticeable so I purchased some thick 100% cotton curtain liner..1.5m wide...what a fluke.
I simply stretched that over the existing screen using white tacs(pins with a dome head).

The screen with the new fabric stretched over the MDF:

The old Sol7 TH2GoSet-up screen:




Done! !! 7m X 1.5m (or 22ft X 5ft)  Screen with a FOV of about 120'

Projectors :If you have the room: BenQ MP730 value and performance


I am currently designing a new 180 FOV setup using short throw projectors and 3 PC-Nthusim Config.

Stay tuned...



See video
See video


VERY nice work, Nat!!!

Great write-up Nat, looks really good!

Nice! Exactly what I'm looking at doing, just a little smaller. I'm using BenQ MP772ST short throws.



Looking great. I'm envious of the working simpit. :)

Thanks Guys...That was really a test set-up using the Beta software (although it still stands!).
One day soon I hope to rebuild a more professional looking and taller screen...


Very nice sim and visual!

Couple of test videos uploaded...

Congratulation... Very nice work!!!

 That’s exactly what I suppose to do but one thing was not clear for me... I have a small room 2.4m X 2.3m, so I just can have curved screen with 2.4 m diameters and you mention about screen curve about 2.5m radius…. It means 5m diameters because D=2 X r… Is it correct?

Would you please help to figure out the best minimal curve screen for good results?

Thanks, Cesar

nice work on both the pit and screens.  I have a 'slightly' over crowded sim room and been looking at space is required to do the screens, what is the total width and depth of the screen.




Looks Awesome Nat..  Great Job.

Hi Nat,

Looks superb!!! I love it!!!


Greetings Wil.

Hi Cesar and Peter,

The screen has radius of 2.25m (diameter 4.5m) and is a semi-circle.

My shell is 2.5m wide at the rear which allows 1m clearance on either side to the screen.

I dont think there is a minium radius(within reason), but I found the bigger the better for realisitic views...


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