Ivar Hestnes FSX 225 degree visual

Ivar Hestnes
Matrox triplehead2go digital, 3x BenQ MP782-ST, ASUS Rampage ii Extreme, core i7 920 @4ghz, Gainward GTX285 2gb, 3x2gb Corsair dominator GT 1866 7-8-7, Corsair HX-1000, 2x Western digital velociraptor, Creative X-FI fatal1ty ++++ and 6 networked computers, 4 sound systems..........puh.....

Started planning my current setup in November 2009. Lots of playing with software until I got the software result I wanted. And many hours on the drawing board, to visualize the "hardware" result I wanted.

My setup is three undocked FSX windows, angled to 75 degrees, and zoomed to match. This is a true 225 degree setup, hardware and software. My screen is made of plywood (I like plywood, lol), and the radius is 2.35 meter, calculated from just between the two pilots eyepoints. So the centre of radius is at the Cutoff levers. I made this visual setup 225 degrees because that was the biggest angle of a circle I could make in my sim-room, and still be able to bring the simulator out of the house, without having to remove the screen.

Thanks to Nthusim for making this kind of software available to the public. This result would not been possible without Nthusim.

This is a very flyable setup today.

Building the plywood screen

First stages of running the Nthusim software. Later, the checkerboard were aligned using a laser for a perfect result.

Assembling the simulator after building the screen.

Simulator as it is per April 2010.

Left side view

Cockpit view


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See video
See video


Fantastic Ivar ...... All hail the King of Plywood cool.

Great building skills and nice write-up. Videos are also very informative. Thanks for adding your set-up!

Super Slick Ivar!

What I like about this set-up is that since Sol7 Beta Home was released, CPU power has increased

to the extent that multiple un-docked views as in Ivars set-up is now frame-rate friendly.

Coupled to the fact that only one computer/Th2Go is needed, this makes for a very nice solution to

the 180FOV+ Visuals that most "simmers" dream of...


Hi we are also using 3 Benq projectors, Nthusim, curved screen + TripleHead2go in our sim. It seems that you are running the visual in multiple undocked windows.

How did you manage to have these separate windows aligned in Nthusim software. We tried to undock the view when we had same idea to create 180" degrees view. The problem was that the Nthusim software didn't understand these multiple windows.

extra question concerning the visual screen: are you using wideview or similar software or where you need 6 networked computers?

Thank you very much for your comments guys smiley



Try to undock, and make your visual configuration without Nthusim running. Then when you are done with your config, I am sure Nthusim will show what you wants. Remember that Nthusim is for image warping only. It wont do any changes in your FSX.


The other six computers is for the Project Magenta and Sim-Avionics software, and sound systems++++. No wideview here.


"Remember that Nthusim is for image warping only. It wont do any changes in your FSX."

IF you go and align 5 undocked windows in FS2004 before launching Nthusim at all isn't it changing your window alignments right after you launch Nthusim first time?

Just to confirm that I understood correctly:

1. First open FS2004 (or FSX)
2. Undock 5 outside views and make small adjustments to fit the undocked windows perfectly. Save these settings as a  default.  
3. go out from FS2004 and launch Nthusim. Align 3 short distance projectors to fit your curved screen 180". Save.

4. Launch FS2004 with Nthusim running in the background. All undocked windows should be aligned perfectly.

Anything else?

Are you using any mirrors etc. to cover your visual? Was it difficult to cover this whole +180" view?

As always, this is a first rate build. I've followed it over at MyCockpit. Great stuff! smiley

Dear friend,

How space do you have in the side? (from the simulator to wall).

I have just 40cm each side, and I would like to put 3 projectors, but I don't know if the espace are enough.

I don't know the software yet. I downloaded today and I gonna make some test.

You simulator got very nice! Congratulations!

Best Regards!

Mauricio Catelli


Dear Ivar, very interested on your project. Im a md80 home cockpit builder, and i have one problem with the three projectors. I see that you have 225° like i want to do, but my room is only heigth 210cm. How height have you in your room? i see that you use 3 benq grandangolar, so i think you have the same problem i have. it's correct?

thank your for your help,

Simone Soffiato

hi ivar

I want now about your dimention setup vision



Hossein, based on the information provided by Ivar at the top of this post, the lenght of the diameter is 4.70 meters (given that the radius measures 2.35meters).  What you refer to as the "radius" in your post is actually the arc.  That comes out to be approximately 9.23 meters of arc for a 225° screen.  The green line you drew is actually called the chord lenght (Run) and is approximately 4.34 meters in length in this case (given the FOV of 225° and diameter). 


Hi Ivar!!! That is an awesome setup! It's my inspiration and I have a quick question. How wide did you cut the strips of plywood and what thickness of plywood did you use?

I just noticed the specs on those projectors. 1280x800 and 0.49:1 short throw. Seems like an excellent spec. I've never seen 0.49:1 lens throw before. Are there any issues with these projectors? How are they in this configuration? My Optoma EX525ST seem very bulky and in the next year I might switch to something like these to get better lens throw and smaller projector.

Hi Ivar!  This is an awesome build, very inspirational.

I have a question about the image alignment.  I understand that you performed your checkerboard alignment with a laser, so all the gridlines should be straight.  However, in the 225 degree visual testing video, I notice a bit of an angular mismatch where the three undocked windows meet, particularly noticeable during taxi at 4:57.  Is this the same distortion you've described as "the angles between each window is larger" on page 8 of your visual system tutorial?

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