[H]ardOCP AMD Texas GamExperience 2011 - Two AMD Eyefinity Setups

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Two triple-projection setups showcasing the new AMD Bulldozer CPU in Engineering Sample form. The video cards were AMD 6950. The projectors were Optoma GT720 using NTHUSIM Plus 3.0.

The Venue:

The first picture shows the line forming out front of the event location just prior to the doors opening at 10am. The second picture is of random gameplay for the TF2 tournament. Followed by three 360 degree pictures of inside the event location taken right before the doors were opened.

The event was a collaboration between the [H]ardOCP forums and AMD with many sponsors including Corsair, ASUS, XFX, MSI and Immersaview. Approximately 400 people were at the event which lasted between 10am and 7pm July 15th, 2011 in Dallas, Texas. Durring the course of the day they had significant raffles of door prizes and a TF2 tournament. On the two projection setups Dirt3 was demoed on two D-Box motion racing seats using Logitech G27 wheels.

The two screen setups:

The setups were hands on gaming with the new AMD Bulldozer CPU and AMD 6950 in 3x1L Eyefinity using three Optoma GT720 per setup. [H]ardOCP fabricated the screens and the projector mounts while I did the NTHUSIM projector configurations.

YouTube videos to be uploaded in a few days. I still need to sort them down and pick the best ones. I have about 20 clips that range in duration between 20 seconds and three minutes. I will most likely link to the 4 best videos. cool

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