Full Dome + 3 projectors + TripleHead2Go

7.14mts Geodesic Dome 3 DLP Acer Projectors TripleHead2Go with GeForce 7300GT

Meet the dome:

And on the inside (wheyy the projectors have enuff throw!)

testing Nthusim Plus:

The blackout linner (preparing for outdoors daylight!!)

and finally the screen!


Thank you NTHUSIMians! :)



Very cool! It would be fun to build one of those in the back yard. Reminds me of something you'd see at Burning Man. Do you have close ups on the geodesic poles? How are they fastened? What sort of material are you using? I've heard of people using Tyvek sometimes with domes.

The pictures themselves also interest me. How'd you get the full overhead pic. I'm assuming the first is some type of wide angle lens?

*chuckle* I have all sorts of questions because this build is simular to what I originally envisioned doing before I compromised on just circular screen. Depending upon the success you have I might go this route with the final screen design I have for my simpit build in a 30 foot diameter dome setup with it's own cement base. I was thinking more of an imax type tilted forward angle of the dome with the ability for me to bring the F-84F trailer in and out of the back of the dome though.


its  almost ready! we already got a black out material, and now all that's missing is the projecion linner... 

this dome we got from pacificdomes. the struts are connected with a pivot screw, a bolt and a washer :)

as for the picture, its actually from inside the tent on the very center, at floor level with a fisheye lens ;)

id love to see a dome hangar for your bird! the only thing is that you might not want to go full dome, as we are getign loads of pinching on the top, wich we can resolve by applying the distortion to the footage we are using, however, i dont know if you can do that with your flight sim! other than that, the geodesic sacred geometry properties will prevent the metal from rotting, and improve your flying skills! (unconfirmed rumours!!)

ill get more pics as we go along!

Excellent, thanks for the reply. With the top it would be interesting depending on the simulator software I'd end up using. I'm really wanting Fighter Ops to have customizable camera views including full dome. It is really hard to find a full dome mode in apps. There are some planetarium apps that do it though. Also I know Orbiter flight sim has an OpenGL client engine add-on that is capable of dome projection. The programmer already had me experiment with 180 and 360 degree settings in the app. More generic games are the trouble though. None of them are really set up for dome. That's what makes dome so specialized in target use. It's why I'd only use it with my aircraft sim too. I can do 90% of all my games just fine with circular screen, but with dome I'd really be limited. I really hope dome use picks up though so a few more mainstream games allow dome camera output in the future. I would imagine with prerendered video content dome would be awesome though.

What type of camera and fisheye lens are you using with your setup? I was thinking on taking time lapse nature photos awhile back of panoramas, but catching the whole sky and surrounding would be interesting. I was thinking something along the lines of a camera in a secured box placed in scenic areas doing a 24 hour time lapse capture of everything. My plan was to get a Canon T2i because it can do both high megpxel stills, time lapse and 1080p video. Although 1080p source video would probably be too low resolution, so it would have to be 18mp stills. With the 360 degree fisheye, do you capture stills and video for future projection in the dome? That would be very cool. smiley

Thanks for the pics!  I feel completely inadequate now lol.

Looks awesome! It reminds me of an igloo, only way way cooler.

Wow! Love the new pics! This gives proof that given time and motivation DIY IMAX is possible. I'm gonna have to show this setup to a few flight sim devs to see if they can add in dome projection camera code. smiley

Any insight you can give on the particulars of the dome build would be most helpful to others. I know I'm very interested in the screen and blackout methods you used. I'm interested in reproducing this type of setup for my simpit scaled as a hanger building.

Also, first time I've seen Vimeo video linked on the site. A lot of firsts with this build. I really like Vimeo because there are multiple improvements over YouTube with it. As an added plus, it prewarps in fullscreen. yes

Very cool ... we have some 3/4 spheres at www.stratosphere.info where we map 360 and full dome video would like to play with full dome games now that would be very cool .. totally immersive anybody out their what to talk about that??

Microsoft Flight Simulator X might be plausible to do it in, since multiple camera windows can be created in slices. Really, anything over 180 degrees regular games don't like though. There are some realtime 3D apps like planetarium software that should work in coordination with NTHUSIM though. NTHUSIM is always looking for new screen ideas. You're welcome to market your screen products to regular consumers for use with NTHUSIM. Please keep in mind that NTHUSIM has a strict non-commercial license policy though. If you would like to do something simular to NTHUSIM in a commercial non-enduser setting, ImmersaView has Sol7 for commercial use.

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