Cessna 172 Skyhawk simulator

Simulator cockpit
Windows XP home computer, Matrox Triplehead2Go adapter, NTHUSIM Plus


Here are few pictures and information of our C172 Skyhawk II simulator project that is still under construction. We started the project in May 2006. The project is based on a real C172 fuselage and Simkits gauges.

Our goal is to simulate C172 as real as possible. Our latest challenge has been to construct curved visual screen with three video projectors for outside view. For more information, please check our website and project gallery:


Picture gallery:

Youtube project page with videoclips:


See video


Looks great. The whole set-up on YouTube is fantastic. Nice to see the difference between the three monitors and curved screen ;)

I was showing a friend the visuals testing video the other day and it took them a while before they believed me that it wasn't real! Well done guys, it looks very slick!

Looking at your website gallery I really liked your modular screen design.I've been struggling how to improve upon my screen setup and still make it so I could take it apart and make it portible. Your screen design might bring me a bit closer to that idea.

Some new Youtube material from our new simroom. Thanks to the version update, we are now running the sim outsideview in undocked window view + the hidden GPS window behind the outside view.

Also we have purchaced real Cessna nose/upper cowling that really makes the view outside the cockpit more real.






looks great! how are you finding the cropped window feature?

The cropped feature is exactly what we needed. Thank you very much for this version updating and development.

Just wanted to share you my tests with fs2004. I modified the original 2d gauge panel by masking it with alpha black and then added wing views in the sides instead of normal instrument panel.

The picture is a snapshot from homecomputer screen and will be scaled perfectly with the curved screen.
So, if you are using Triplehead + Nthusim, here is a cool way to have also wings into the curved screen.
Same technique works with all GA planes, no matter if you have wings up or down. If you want to have more info, drop me some email: robots@jippii.fi

More results with Nthusim and curved simroom visual here:
The view behing the black vertical line is a temporary expanded screen area made from white construction paper. Since we now have a change to use more space in the new sim room, we also need to expand the curved visual screen with two extra module to achieve full 180" visual screen radius. This is the reason that some parts of the horizon are still distorted and fuzzy.

Here is also short video clip:


One small step for man but giant leap for Cessna sim. Ladies and gentlemen, the sim now got it's wings + propeller + new TSS Cessna soundpackage. Huge improvements done.


Looks fantastic! Amazing work.

Very good finishing touch. It's the small things like that which make things so immersive. smiley

Wow Wow Wow!!!!!!! Thats seriously wicked!

I almost cried laugh

Well done mate!


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