NTHUSIM Keyboard Shorcuts - Lists all the available Keyboard Shortcuts inside the NTHUSIM configure window

NTHUSIM Keyboard Shortcuts

F1 - Decrease Horizontal Control Points
F2 - Increase Horizontal Control Points
F3 - Decrease Vertical Control Points
F4 - Increase Vertical Control Points
S - Save your current Configuration
L - Load your previous Saved Configuration
R - Reset your configuration
M - Change the current hilighted map between Linear and Curved Distortion

Arrow Keys - Finely move the currently selected control point
Shift + Arrow Keys - Move all Control points at once (does not work in NTHUSIM 3.0)
- (minus) - Shrink the current selected Map
+ (plus) - Expand the currently selected Map
Tab - Select the next Control Point
Shift + Tab - Select the previous Control Point
Ctrl + Arrow Keys - Browse keypoints



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