Announcing NTHUSIM HMD Software!

Head Mounted Display (HMD)

Back in 1995 Nintendo released the "Virtual Boy", a head mounted display console. About 750,000 units shipped world wide, which made it a commercial failure. But the dream never died and to this day home-brew code is still being written for the Virtual Boy!

Nintendo weren't the only ones making HMDs. Atari actually released their HMD console two years earlier, in 1993. It was called the Jaguar but it didn't survive long. There were several others and many of the other companies of that time moved on to military industrial applications.

One of the big issues with HMDs is the need to correct the geometry for display. That meant complicated, heavy, and expensive recti-linear optical components are needed. They make sure that every pixel is visible where it should be, which was especially important because in those days resolution was worse than it is now.

A New Generation

Now, a new generation of HMDs are launching, like the Oculus Rift. The big difference is that by simplifying the optics they can be made lighter, cheaper, and simpler - with one trade off. Only games specifically written for the optical characteristics of the HMD will work. This means implementing a fish-eye projection in the game. Great for when the game developers release their new games, but what about the games that are already out? Or what about the game developers that don't implement it? That's where the NTHUSIM HMD software comes in!

NTHUSIM HMD software will transform existing games to work with the new generation of HMD devices! So now you can enjoy your current game library with the new wave of immersive gaming displays.

Pre-order NTHUSIM HMD Software Now!

We're giving you the opportunity to pre-order your NTHUSIM HMD software today! Pre-order to gurantee your place among the first of a new wave of immersive gaming and get the software for a special price of only $19.95!

Don't forget to check in with our friends at Oculus, who are set to release the Rift soon. And of course don't forget to pre-order your copy of the NTHUSIM HMD software now!

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